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Houses on the Tour

Start on the corner of Lake Ave and Franklyn Place, Metuchen NJ (The corner with the garden of Tommy's Pond)

Be respectful to property owners. This is an outside only tour. Please remain on the sidewalks! Please do not walk on their properties. The Houses and information are located in the "Houses" page. Some houses may be more noticeable on one street while in the middle of another street (example: 207 Lake Avenue, you may want to look at that and then go back to Spring Street)

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There are some words that may not make sense so here they are explained in more detail!

What does "Revival" mean?

You may see this commonly in "Greek Revival" or "Colonial Revival". Revival means modernized. So for example, in typical "Greek" houses, they have spiral pillars. If a house was a "Greek Revival", it may have square pillars. Revival means changed slightly but generally the same.

What are "Gables"?

That's when the rooves intersect. They are generally triangular.

What does "Half Timbering" mean?

This you will commonly see in Tudor Houses. That's when there are the lines making geometric shapes on a house. On this tour they are decorative, but there are very old houses that use actually timber. It used to be literally large beams holding your whole house together. Now its just decorative.

What does "circa" mean?

Often seen as "ca.", means approximate. So you might see built circa 1850, meaning built around 1850, but not sure.

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Documents to Print

This is if you choose to go on the self-guided tour but wish to do so on paper as opposed to your phone. There are also fun activities to do while you take the tour!

Kids Fun Packet

Adult Info Packet

Self Guided Tour

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