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Walking Tour Houses

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39 Franklyn Place

Colonial Revival. It was built 1920-1929

Graham Avenue

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28 Graham Avenue

Folk Victorian with Italianate Features built in 1890. The Triangular Roof shapes are quite common on Victorians. The wraparound porch is also common. Make sure to note the decorative detailing on the porch and the roof. The long skinny windows as well as the crown on top is more Italianate. The roofing is cross cable roofing or 2 or more roofs intersecting.

Spring Street

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48 Spring.png

48 Spring Street

Ranch, built 1955

Cliffwood Place

Cliffwood used to be called Sylvan and wasn't really a street! There was nothing there in 1920. In 1927, the street was opened as Cliffwood Place and development begun. By 1929, there were only 3 houses, but by the early 1930s, the entire street was filled.

Houses: Team
Copy of Neg. 93 - 22 Cliffwood Place (re

22 Cliffwood Place

The previous owners of this Arts and Crafts cottage built this home in December of 1929 and lived in it for over 45 years! The current owners bought the home 25 years ago from the original owners. There have been no architectural changes recently. The front porch columns are original Arts and Crafts design.

High Street

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114 High.png

114 Spring Street

Cape Cod built in 1948 by Frank N. and Mrs. Frances Strusz who raised their son in the home. Mr. Strusz was a contractor known for building a good, sound house although without many frills. The current owners have lived in their home for over 36 years!

Lake Avenue

Houses: Team
Copy of Neg. 228B - 207 Lake Avenue (res

207 Lake Avenue

Italianate built in 1868. This house is on the National Register of Historic Places or as more known the National Registry. That means it is on the federal government's list of buildings that must be preserved for their historical significance. This house was owned by Mary Wilkens Freeman. Mark Twain actually visited this house! The former owners spent a lot of time and money restoring the place back to what Mary Wilkens Freeman had it like after some renovations had taken place. The interior of this house looks almost identical to that of Mary's time. Mary Wilkens Freeman was a very famous author hence why she would have been friends with Mark Twain. She had so much money that she built a huge mansion next door! More on that later! You may not have heard of her because she did not have any children to carry on her legacy. Whereas Mark Twain, had many people who would carry on his legacy, hers ended abruptly when she died. She simply disappeared from the public eye. She grew up in Vermont. There, they have a day on the calendar dedicated to her. However, in Metuchen where she lived for most of her life, most people don't remember her! She was one of the authors that led to the nickname “Brainy Borough”.

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